Additional New Tariff Of 10 Percent Proposed On Chinese Goods

July 11, 2018

The US Trade Representative (USTR) has proposed a new, additional 10 percent tariff on 6,031 8-digit tariff lines of Chinese goods. The proposed list of goods, equating to approximately $200B worth of imports, is on pages 11 through 205 of the USTR publication released on July 10th.

The type of proposed goods subject to the tariff are far-ranging and include food, chemicals, pesticides, minerals, fabrics, construction materials, handbags, luggage, car parts, appliances, machines, televisions, items made from steel and aluminum, batteries, semiconductor assemblies, furniture, and others. However, pharmaceuticals of Chapter 30, and apparel and footwear of Chapters 61-64, were not included.

Recently, China reacted to US tariffs on Chinese goods by imposing their own, retaliatory tariffs on US imported goods. The new, proposed tariff on 6,031 lines of goods is in response to this action. Again, China swiftly responded to the latest round of tariffs and has said to expect additional counter-measures.

The USTR is seeking public comment and will hold a public hearing. July 27this the due date for filing requests to appear and provide testimony at the public hearing, as well as for filing pre-hearing submissions. The public hearing will be held August 20thto the 23rd.

If you have questions about your imported goods from China, please contact Deringer’s compliance team.

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